I'm Aditya Rao.

web developer · occasional designer

I am a self-taught freelance web developer based out of Mumbai, India.

My focus is mainly in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GatsbyJS, ReactJS & others that make up the JAMSTACK architecture.

I help people & organization get the positive attention they deserve, by creating elegant, functional and modern websites. My emphasis is on producing thoughtful, conceptually driven work that comes from a close understanding of the client and their audience.

I’m passionate about technology, design and making peoples lives easier by solving complex problems to create user-friendly, intuitive digital products. I’m constantly trying to expand and evolve my set of technical skills and apply them to equally varied methods of problem solving and understanding. I am inspired by new trends and details are essential to me.

About This Site

This website was formally built in the year 2017, but the style of the site has been changed several times.

The main purposes of this website are listed here:

  • Showcase my personal projects.
  • Document new learnings and implementation in front-end landscape.
  • It works as a portfolio.

To know more about me you can follow me on Twitter or send me a Email.